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Stocks to buy: guide on how to choose

Stocks to buy: guide on how to choose

Many investors, both large and small, nowadays are increasingly asking themselves which are the securities most convenient to buy right now or for a future investment. Of course we are not just talking about equities but about any financial instrument negotiable in...

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Stock Market Tips

Stock Market Tips

In this article we will provide you with some pointers regarding stock market advice.  In particular, we will try to understand what are the shares on which we should invest, because hot stocks should be avoided and then we will provide some explanations regarding the...

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Ishowtrading Overview


Over 7 years of operational experience on world financial markets

All the services offered by ishowtrading derive from a long-term trading experience gained directly on world markets, as well as from market studies and research conducted in particular in the development of trading systems with high mathematical expectation of winning, money management and risk management.

Daily operations on the major financial markets

ishowtrading conducts trading operations with a full time commitment both in intraday and in end of day trading on financial markets all over the world.

Analysis of over 30,000 financial instruments worldwide

ishowtrading boasts an analysis experience of over 30,000 financial instruments on which an accurate technical and forecast evaluation has been carried out.

Over 10,000 successful operations
The long-term experience of trading on the financial markets has produced over 10,000 transactions performed on the main stock exchanges and markets around the world, thus relying on the acquisition of high specialized skills in the field of efficient trading of securities.

The main purpose of ishowtrading.com is to provide traders, investors and savers with a broad and solid training in financial instruments trading techniques (stocks, indices, currencies, bonds, commodities, ETFs, …) in order to allow their direct and above all successful application to world financial markets.

Understanding the long-term experience of the Trader Coach gained on world markets is a fundamental element for choosing a reliable and quality training or coaching service that can make the difference and guarantee traders who choose this service continuity in operating results.

Ishowtrading offers a wide range of services of different levels to allow both the novice trader and the expert to operate with the level of competence, serenity and confidence necessary to achieve stable trading results over time and which can allow the obtaining an excellent level of remuneration.

Our Results and Our Customers

  • Satisfaction level of our students on our courses 90% 90%
  • Level of Satisfaction of the Students on the Operational Trading Results Achieved in Autonomy 73% 73%
  • Quality of the courses 93% 93%
  • Quality of blog articles 96% 96%

Over 1000 satisfied customers have already decided to rely on us.

We are constantly committed to improving all our products and services

What we work on


Education and Training Trading

We provide our customer with all our experience for effective learning of the best operational trading strategies in order to achieve stable and lasting results.

Own operation

Here you trade actively! All our trading strategies follow a long and severe study, backtesting and forwardtesting process before being taught as well as being implemented by ourselves in Real Time.


We devote part of our time to conducting accurate market studies both from a technical and fundamental point of view to support the Trading strategies implemented by us.

What techniques do I need to make a profitable trading?

Success in Trading derives from the correct application of one or a series of systems or methodologies aimed at shifting the probability of successful operations (single trades) in favor of the trader, as well as by maintaining a discipline-based psychological-behavioral approach, concentration and confidence in your means and in your trader skills.

Furthermore, a crucial aspect to be taken into account for the construction of real capital is the methodical application of correct money management, an aspect too often overlooked even by many professionals or institutions.


Can you earn with trading?

Of course, the trading activity is a real business activity in which the individual transactions carried out (trades) give rise to costs and revenues (profits and losses). To earn with trading it is obviously necessary to be able to generate more revenues than costs and at the same time keep under control some parameters such as the maximum drawdown of the system, the profitable percentage, the ratio between average win and average loss and finally the profit factor of the system .

Can you create an annuity with trading?

Yes, it is possible to create an annuity with trading but as long as you know and above all master the set of techniques and strategies that allow you to obtain a stable trading system and that has a mathematical expectation of positive payout (i.e. a real advantage) . Finally, it is essential to apply appropriate money management strategies to your system, which allow you to preserve trading capital on the one hand and allow exponential account growth on the other.

The strategy of the best Traders is simple!

The best traders use only well-established strategies that aim to obtain regular profits over time, never exceed with risk in any of the operations that are preparing to execute and use a systematic approach to money management.


After following the Intermediate Trading Course I have significantly improved my financial market analysis skills and to operate with that level of serenity and above all of confidence that I really needed. Now my trading is definitely going well. Thank you.



The lessons of the Intermediate Trading Course followed were nothing short of an extraordinary experience. The level of display clarity and the quality standard with which all the individual details of each individual topic have been dealt with are truly out of the ordinary. In addition to the technical aspects related to the analysis of the financial markets and the strategies, I was very impressed by the way in which the theme of Money Management is addressed and by the relative level of detail. My ability to generate profits has definitely increased. Also highly recommended for the price. Thank you very much.



Quality, professionalism and a lot of experience are undoubtedly the aspects that struck me immediately from the first lessons. I followed the intermediate trading course and personally I completely overturned my positive trading results. The balance maintained between theoretical and practical notions, which are essential for truly efficient operations on the financial markets, is good. Very satisfied also for the cost of the course, in my opinion, content. Superiority over the competition, there is no doubt.


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